Surely anyone who finds him familiar is quite right. This is the Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer Concept which was presented at the last edition of the Geneva Motor Show 2019 and now renamed to be shown at the upcoming Shanghai 2019 Show.

The SUV that advances the new generation of the Outlander will arrive at the Chinese event with a new name, ‘E-YI’, a letter combination that refers to the electric propulsion system with the vowel ‘e’, ​​and the expression ‘Yi’ which means strong and enduring, the qualities of this new and imposing SUV.

There is no external variation on the Engelberg concept presented at the European event, retaining all its details as the avant-garde front appearance, full of horizontal and vertical bars, as well as the tail-shaped hexagon and with optical groups that occupy all the rear in width. The paint on the dark gray body is the only difference with the European concept.

With three rows of seats and a large cargo space, the future proposal for the Chinese market represents exactly what the Asian customer seeks, a large interior space with the greatest convenience. The panel was designed on the basis of the ‘Horizontal Axis’ style offering a wide field of vision forward, with a screen on the 12.3-inch instrument panel and one of the same size on the central console for the infotainment system.

Technically it is equipped with an evolution of the Outlander PHEV plug-in hybrid propulsion system, with a large capacity battery mounted between the two axles and feeding two high-efficiency electric motors, one per axle. A gasoline engine with 2.4 liters serves as an extension of autonomy, so that in electric mode can run up to 70 kilometers and together, the maximum autonomy is more than 700 kilometers, according to the WLTP cycle.

As usual with the Japanese brand, the SUV features the advanced S-AWC four-wheel drive system connected to active stability control to provide a dynamic response on all surfaces. Along with the assistants to the team driving, such as the driver fatigue detector and the navigation system, it uses weather, temperature, topography and traffic data to select the most efficient route and the battery power management that divides the vehicle’s torque. optimized way.


Mitsubishi presented an interesting conceptual model at the Geneva Motor Show 2019, which once again ratifies its commitment to electric mobility and opens the door to the brand’s future plug-in hybrid vehicles. The new Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer Concept comes on the scene after several advances. This electrified SUV was named after the famous ski resort in central Switzerland.

The Japanese manufacturer has become, thanks to Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, one of the main protagonists in sustainable and electric mobility. Mitsubishi can be proud to have the best-selling plug-in hybrid car in its line. The new Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer Concept shows some of the characteristics that the brand studies for its next generation of electrified vehicles.

Aesthetically the Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer Concept presents the very design of an SUV, although in its cabin had as main premise the goal of achieving a spacious interior. Stylish and functional, so Mitsubishi describes its new concept car. In addition, to accentuate its more adventurous side, it features additional LED headlights on the ceiling. The body protections enhance its rugged and strong appearance.

In relation to the interior, there is a spacious passenger compartment that, if not for the combination of colors, could pass perfectly inside a production vehicle. It is loaded with technology and has four individual seats so that adult passengers can travel with total comfort.

The all-digital dashboard and the massive floating-type touch screen that crowns the center console reveal that we are in front of a vehicle that offers a high level of connectivity. The on-board computer displays all information relevant to the operation of the plug-in hybrid system, such as power consumption and battery status.

Under the hood of the Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer Concept is a hybrid plug-in system that revolves around a 2.4-liter gasoline engine developed specifically for this type of mechanics and can also act as a generator. The gasoline engine combines with another electric to give the vehicle a full traction system. It features the Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC) traction system.

According to the new WLTP cycle the Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer Concept can run up to 70 kilometers in 100% electric mode. With the battery and fuel tank charged it offers a range of up to 700 kilometers.


A car that takes the driver to anywhere, whether on land or asphalt, and can still be considered your home. This is the proposal of the L200 Triton Sport Duaron, which was developed as show car for the Salão de São Paulo. The vehicle combines the strength and toughness of the Mitsubishi Motors 4×4 DNA pick-up with Duaron, a reference in the production of trailers.

The purpose of the L200 Triton Sport Duaron is to awaken the outdoor desire, to break barriers and to realize dreams. It is ideal for those who want to travel on a weekend without destination or even make a long trip around the country without having to worry about the infrastructure of the place.

“Over the years, we have developed several recreational vehicles in Mitsubishi pick-ups. We decided to look for the brand and develop a super and innovative product to exhibit in the Salão de São Paulo, which has all the qualities L200 Triton Sport with the comfort of a motorhome Duaron. We apply everything that is most modern in the manufacture of recreational vehicles in a single product, “says Ari Duarte, director of Duaron Recreation Vehicles.

The car has complete infrastructure with bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, water, electricity, among others. In addition, an improvement of the suspension of the pick-up was made, leaving the whole set compatible with the structure that was installed in the body.

Not to mention all the strength and endurance of the L200 Triton Sport, a vehicle with the most modern traction system on the market, the Super Select II, which has 4×2, 4×4 (which can turn on asphalt), 4×4 with central differential lock and reduced 4×4.

For even greater comfort, the vehicle is equipped with a 7.0 inch capacitive screen multimedia system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, state-of-the-art audio streaming and WiFi connection, which allows access to native applications such as Waze and Spotify.

The L200 Triton Sport combines the best of both worlds: strength, robustness and load capacity for the most diverse situations, with comfort, technology and connectivity, essential for everyday life. It is equipped with the modern 2.4 turbo diesel engine, aluminum, with 190 hp and 430 Nm of torque. Watch the video .

Check the items and accessories installed:
– Door that turns staircase on the side with semi
– automatic system – Three Ceiling elevation systems, two automatic and one manual
– Four windows with blackout and anti-insect screen
– Large window on the canvas of the pop ceiling -up
– Air conditioning 7.500 Btus hot / cold
– Refrigerator 80 liters
– Two burner stove
– Sink
– Mini scrubber
– Air and lower cabinets
– Bathroom with fantastic skylight with extractor fan with remote control and rain sensor, shower with sliding bar , sink with stainless steel tub, rotating faucet and fiberglass top
– Heated water with gas flow heater
– Portable chemical toilet 20 liters
– Towel dryer – Shower
box system, mobile with curtains and special platform for space utilization
– Drinking water tank
– Two sofas with removable table
– Extensive double bed
– 2 in 1 awning – rear and side
– Lighting system Mercosul standard external
– Tow hitch
– Inverter 12 v to 220 v
– Stationary battery 115 ah
– Extension, hoses and connections
– Internal passage between the Duomar Cabin and the L200 Triton Sport.


Vehicle can compete in national and international competitions, such as the Sertões Rally and Dakar Rally

The tradition of Mitsubishi Motors off-road is known worldwide. No wonder, the brand is 12 times the Dakar Rally Champion and 11 of the Sertões Rally, thanks to the robust design of its vehicles and its 4×4 suitability. Now, Mitsubishi Motors of Brazil presents the newest model prepared for competitions, the L200 Triton Sport R.

Based on the model that is sold in the dealers, this car was developed in Brazil in partnership with Spinelli Racing, which counts with the direction of the biggest winner of the Sertões Rally, Guilherme Spinelli.

The model was created for the category of production vehicles (T2 FIA), which is extremely strict in the modifications that can be made and which maintains the general characteristics of the factory car. “It’s practically an original car with the safety features that rally evidence demands,” explains Fernando Julianelli, chief marketing officer at Mitsubishi Motors.

The engine is 2.4 Diesel, 16 valves / DOHC MIVEC, Common-Rail direct electronic injection, maximum power of 225 hp at 3,750 rpm and torque of 502 Nm at 2,350 rpm.

In addition to the engine, the transmission, the chassis and the body are original. The model received protection cage, shell banks, five-point belts, extinguisher system and a redistribution of weight was made, leaving it even more prepared to face the trails and roads.

For even greater comfort of the riders, the L200 Triton Sport R kept the air conditioning, without compromising the performance in the competitions. Also installed is a Pro Tune data acquisition panel, which gathers all the information about the performance of the car. And, to make the car even more efficient in the tests, two coil-over dampers were installed per wheel and helical spring racing in the front and semielíptica racing in the rear

Construction and development process

Like any new project, the car began to be built last year, and in early 2018 entered the track for testing.

“We are impressed with the performance of the car in the durability tests,” says Guilherme Spinelli. “We have already run 1,600 kilometers, equivalent to two full seasons of the Mitsubishi Cup, and we do not need to make any replacement parts, except for those with natural wear like brakes and filter. The L200 Triton Sport R is proving to be one of the most reliable cars we have ever developed, “he explains.

Mitsubishi is the only one in the country that has a production line for racing cars. The new L200 Triton Sport R will be produced at the Mitsubishi Motors factory in Catalão (GO), ensuring the same quality as the products that are purchased from the dealers.


At the end of 2015, the three-diamond mark gave the finishing touch to the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution with a special edition limited to 1,600 units and called Final Edition. Since the end of its production, we have not been able to enjoy the benefits of the Japanese sports sedan, but now Dytko Sport, a Polish preparer specializing in the manufacture and sale of components for rally versions, features the Mitsubishi Lancer Edition R.

This is a modern interpretation of what the Evo XI would be based on a unit of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X. Dytko has teamed up with Proto Cars to work on an Evo X and convert it into a fully customized sports sedan that gives us a vision of what the new generation should look like.

Details are not available, but Dytko Sport promises it will make all model data public next weekend. The sedan appears to embrace the features of Mitsubishi’s Dymanic Shield design language, with the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross headlights and very sharp taillights, bulky bumpers, a custom-ventilated hood, and an air intake in the ceiling are visible elements in the Mitsubishi Lancer Edition R.

Pictures of the interior of the model were not released, but in some images you can see a pair of bucket seats and a safety cage, where we should find the rear seats. Nor have they made public the data on the engine and its performance.

The latest Lancer Evolution was equipped with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine with 305 horsepower and 413 Nm of torque, a five-speed manual transmission and an advanced all-wheel drive system that shows its ability both on and off the asphalt.


BMW owners pay attention, you will get these common problems

First of all, what I want to say is that there is no perfect model in the world, and any brand model has a common problem. Therefore, I hope that before sharing the common problems of some BMW cars through this article, everyone must be rational. Note: The following content is from the real sharing of the owners of protect my bmw cars, but it does not represent the BMW owner, so this content is for reference only.

First, the BMW 1 system common disease

The wiper is abnormal and the wiper module needs to be replaced. Antifreeze leakage: The vehicle’s antifreeze is insufficient, and leakage may occur, which may cause the vehicle to break down. The cause of the malfunction was a problem with the coolant sensor seal and the coolant kettle and sensor needed to be replaced. Can not get all the transmission power: the vehicle suddenly loses power, you need to replace the solenoid valve. The cause of the malfunction is that the turbine solenoid valve is dirty, causing the inlet pressure to rise suddenly. The turbine automatically stops working and enters the protection state. It belongs to an electronic protection mode and will disappear after restarting, but it seriously affects the power output and needs to be cleaned in the 4S shop. Replace the solenoid valve  oil pressure valve oil leakage: need to replace the oil pressure valve.  The skeleton of the vehicle seat is seriously rusted, and the air outlet rust is rusted. The 4S shop informs the recall one by one to replace the seat frame.

After recalling the upgraded driving computer, the trunk cannot be opened separately After recalling the upgraded driving computer, the automatic air conditioning AC does not open the automatic cooling: after the BMW 1 Series upgrades the driving computer, the air conditioning AC cooling does not open, the AC light does not light, the vehicle will automatically cool after starting, and the vehicle is not upgraded without such phenomenon.  The pump abnormal noise, replace the pump to solve the problem. The cold car starts to brake: After the cold car starts, it will drive at a low speed. The vehicle will suddenly give oil automatically. The engine speed will be high and low, and the driving computer needs to be upgraded.

Second, the BMW 3 series common disease

Oil leakage: Due to the aging of the sealing ring of the machine filter radiator, it is necessary to replace the gasket and machine filter The cold car starts to turn off: the reason is unknown, you need to go to the 4S shop to upgrade the driving computer. After the upgrade, there will be a significant decrease in power during the rapid acceleration, and the acceleration will be weak. The idle speed is significantly higher than before the upgrade.

Coolant leakage: The vehicle’s coolant is insufficient and a leak may occur, which may cause the vehicle to break down. The cause of the malfunction was a problem with the coolant sensor seal and the coolant kettle and sensor needed to be replaced  After the new 3 series was released, the seat frame was found to be rusty, but BMW has proposed a solution. The owner went to the 4S shop for free replacement, which is nominally a technical upgrade  the engine is not fully burned: the car exhaust pipe wall is black powder, the nozzle sprays black water, there is black liquid splashing to the tail bumper, upgrade the engine computer program, but the solution is not good.  Abnormal oil consumption: 1 liter of engine oil is consumed every 1000~3000 km. The reason is unknown. There is no solution.

Third, the BMW 5 series common disease

Transmission failure: After the ignition, the throttle is automatically added. The engine speed reaches 7000 rpm. All the keys fail, the transmission temperature is too high, and the clutch is damaged. (Case) In the case of normal use, the vehicle tires are severely worn within a short distance, commonly known as eating tires. The 4S shop solution is to re-position the four wheels, but the solution is not good, because the partial grinding is serious, the tires are scrapp Even if you replace a new tire, the problem remains. Some vehicles are represented by tire drum kits. 5 series four-wheel drive model abnormal sound, the release of the throttle in the driving process will suddenly appear a booming sound, the transfer case is abnormal, the solution is not available the hub deformation, normal use of the vehicle appears multiple wheel deformation, the faulty vehicle shows a large tire noise, running jitter, direction deviation, brake distance becomes longer, BMW said that the owner is not used properly, the solution owner to replace at their own expense New wheels burning machine oil, similar to the 3 series.

Fourth, the BMW 7 system common disease

The tire is eccentric, and the fault condition is similar to that of the BMW 5 Series. No matter the length of the mileage is eccentric wear, the 4S shop explains the positioning data incorrectly, but even if the adjustment data is still faulty, the owner must bear the tire inspection and maintenance costs the wheel hub deformation, similar to the 5 series situation, BMW 4S shop on the tire partial grinding, another explanation, the owner also bears all maintenance costs  air conditioning button off paint, air conditioning adjustment button off paint, 4S shop free replacement  the idle speed is unstable, the vehicle appears idle speed in the cold start, the engine speed is high and low when the idle speed is idle. Can’t always stay at normal speed. Unable to repair, BMW 4S shop explained as a common proble  driving computer black screen. Without any prompts or symptoms, the computer will be black after driving, and some vehicles will have yellow screen and flower screen. The solution is none.

Five, BMW X3 common disease

Similar to the BMW 1 Series fault, the new car has just been used, the transmission has problems, the driving computer shows “the transmission system is faulty, and the complete transmission power cannot be obtained. Please check the after-sales service.” When the low speed increases the throttle, the body suddenly slams Then, the computer shows a fault. The BMW solution is to replace the transmission as a whole  The differential is abnormal and the differential is replaced There is a flameout during the reversing process. After the vehicle has traveled for a certain mileage, there is a flameout when reversing, especially when the air conditioner is turned on and the steering wheel is killed. Solution, upgrade the driving computer to solve the problem.

Six, BMW X5 common disease

The gasoline pump failure has been solved by recall Directional power pump oil seal problem. When the direction is killed, the vehicle vibrates. Solution, replace the booster pump oil seal. The cold car starts to turn off, and the fault phenomenon is similar to the BMW 3 Series. The solution is not.  the tire is eccentric, the situation is the same as the BMW 5, 7 series, the solution is no. The owner of the vehicle bears the maintenance costs.

Seven, BMW X6 common disease

  1. When the engine is running for nearly 80,000 kilometers for 3 years, there will be oil leakage from the oil radiator pad. The complete set of pulleys is close to the apex of life.

2, 2013 BMW X6 batch “common problem”: engine bolt break.

3, X6 electronic hand brake common problem: design defects, the pin of the hand brake motor is easy to break.

Summary of the full text:

The above common diseases have indeed appeared in different BMW cars. Some of the common morbidity rates are relatively high, and some common morbidity rates are relatively low. Generally speaking, these common problems of BMW cars are not particularly serious problems; there are such problems. Brands like BMW that pay attention to the user experience will definitely have a solution. Finally, I would like to add that I do not have any meaning of blackening BMW. Only choose a better used car for you. Pay attention to WeChat public account: JingZhenGu001 help you choose a more reliable used car!

I used BMW clothing to protect the lacquer finish. How do you protect it?

18 Comalo: 1LT: 18-wheel main driving 8 co-pilot 6 electric seat adjustment, reflection, smart card, tire pressure monitoring, oil monitoring, LED daytime running lights, front sports seats, 8-speed automatic Block, one-button start, 7-inch screen 305,000  imported car market: Chevrolet Kemero front without any extra decoration, simple but full of impact, the most important factor for the weight reduction of the new car is to replace the previous frame with aluminum alloy dashboard frame and A new five-link rear suspension system was introduced. The line on the side is more linear than the previous generation.

Chevrolet Camaro publicly announced his identity as a super sports car. Chevrolet Camaro has been redesigned in the details, the overall effect is sharper and more dynamic. The front hood line is full and full, and the whole car looks very powerful. With its stunning appearance and rich configuration, Chevrolet Camaro has not only brought great impact on customers’ visual impact, but also provided enough driving comfort in terms of feeling. Chevrolet Camaro’s dashboard is cool and looks like a futuristic sci-fi style. As an honor sports car for running, although the interior space of Chevrolet Camaro is not ample, but thanks to the appearance of the sports car of the same class, the inner space of Comalo does not have a sports car of the same class. Internal crowding and stereotypes.

The interior of the Chevrolet Camaro is filled with a strong sense of smart technology. The steering wheel is wrapped in three-piece leather and incorporates a number of function keys. Comalo’s dashboard is cool and looks like a future sci-fi style. The function area on the right focuses on the audio remote control function to ensure the driver’s good human-computer interaction experience. Recently, the newly introduced BMW x6, as the saying goes, “Open BMW to do Mercedes-Benz” shows that the handling of BMW has been recognized by everyone. Of course, I am 80 years old, pursuing young fashion, BMW is more open, and the domineering appearance attracts us young people. Eyeballs. Like my oldest generation, I like SUVs or Mercedes-Benz’s moderately stable models. However, in Beijing, this special road condition, at the end of the year, companies are slower, the flow of people is relatively large, and the morning and evening peaks are much longer than the original. . .

As a BMW owner, what are the stories worth sharing?

That was 2012. When I was 31, I bought a second-hand BMW imported from Germany, the 320i manual version . This is my second BMW, but I still parked in my garage. I have put a lot of effort into her and I am naturally reluctant to change it.The E90’s 320i, engine model N46, is a very classic, fuel-efficient engine. The great fuel savings come from the variable valve lift system (Valvetronic). When the throttle is depressed, the general engine changes the throttle opening to adjust the power. If the BMW throttle valve is too direct, it is ingenious. The power is adjusted by changing the valve opening on the cylinder head. This saves the throttle. The “insertion loss” improves the intake efficiency (fuel saving) and speeds up the power response (following the foot). Therefore, although this engine is 2.0 displacement, it is very sturdy and the torque is not small. It is very fun. However, I later learned that the Valvetronic of BMW is actually a consumable item. Generally, every 11~130,000 km, it is necessary to leave the class. Three months after the car was started, suddenly one day, the power was too weak, as if the 1.0-liter engine was dragging two tons of the car. After reading the fault code, it was found that Valvetronic entered the fail-safe mode and checked it out. It may be that the adjustment motor of the Valvetronic system is hung.